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Are you feeling stuck, lost or  hopeless in your relationship?

I can help.

After an initial assessment, you'll have a choice of the Relationship Revival, Transformation Intensive, or just pay as you go sessions. 

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I’m a trauma therapist and an intuitive relationship coach who works with couples who feel stuck, lost, or hopeless in their relationships. 


They want to feel closer, more support, and love.


I teach them how to do the inner work to experience connection, trust and security in their relationship so they can thrive together.

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What we do together 

Working with me is for couples who are ready to show up and do the transformative work to strengthen their partnership.

A private intensive for couples on the brink of separation.


This 5-10 day intensive is for significant intervention, laser-focused guidance, and support to break through old patterns, reconnect, and rebuild positive communication.

A Relationship Revival experience for couples who feel like they’ve tried everything to make it work.


This 3-day relationship revival is a short and powerful experience where you’ll learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict quickly,  let go of emotional baggage that doesn’t serve you, and build a stronger future. 

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I thought we were done. This was a last ditch effort. After two months, I feel like we are on a second honeymoon. Thank you so much for helping us reconnect.


-Tim, husband of 14 years

I was lost, now I am found- and it is so good to finally meet my authentic self!  -KH

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Not sure what you need?

Laser Coaching could be your best option:

No time to mess around? Book a 90-minute, laser-focused coaching session. You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish in just 90 minutes:

  • Discover quick communication strategies

  • Find solutions to simple relationship grievances 

  • Learn how to apologize and move on

  • Get clarity on a specific issue you want to talk with your partner about

  • Brainstorm how to stop nagging and start inspiring your partner

  • Learn tools to understand each other better and stop taking things so personal

  • Get more connected with simple strategies that you can implement in minutes

  • You want to explore questions like: “Is this healthy?” or “How do you know it’s over?” 

Includes an optional assessment, feedback, and a 30-minute follow-up call to check-in and make tweaks.

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Great! When you click the button to book your Laser Coaching session below you’ll receive an email with some questions giving me a snapshot into your relationship and to schedule. 


Book your 90-minute coaching session. 


Investment: $500 

90-minute video call + 30-minute follow-up.


We can FAIL (Feel All Its Limits) 

or we can evolve each time we

FAIL (Feedback And Its Learnings).

Be a work of art, in progress.


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