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Love and Happiness

How to Find Both

A self-paced, 6-day, online course for people struggling to find — or stay in love.


Whether you’re struggling with being single or frustrated with your current relationship, one thing’s for sure, you just want love and happiness. 


There’s just one problem — you don’t really have either. 


Sure, you’ve had fleeting warm and fuzzy moments with a partner and some fond memories, but more often than not, you’re feeling defeated.

Why can’t they change?   

Why do I keep attracting losers?

What’s wrong with me?

Will I ever find true love?

You’ve done everything you can to distract yourself from the discomfort — working long hours, hiding behind a screen, or obsessing over the kids. 

Sure, you should be happy with your life and your relationship is not terrible. But it’s not great either, and you’re unhappy. You wonder if you’re just doing a terrible job picking your partners. 


You know you need to do something different but don’t know where to start.

There’s a common denominator in every relationship — you.

What if you could be happier? 

If you were happier, you’d attract a better partner, right? Or would you be able to get along better with your partner?


When you start with what you can control — YOU — you can find both love and happiness.


Truth: You can only attract love when you love and show up as your true self. 


So, let’s get to work on you.


Imagine waking up most days with a bounce in your step because you feel good and you’re excited about your day. You feel authentic in how you show up in every relationship.


You’re excited because you feel like you have a purpose — you know exactly what you want and are learning how to communicate what’s in your heart. 


If you’re in a relationship, you feel happy when you’re together and when you’re alone. You’re even starting to notice that you’re feeling like better people.


You can have love and happiness, and I’m excited to show you how. 


Love and Happiness — How to Find Both is a 6-day, self-paced online course where you will go deep into your inner work. You’ll explore how your past affects your present relationship reality and learn where to put your focus. 

Forest Trail

Hi, I'm Deanne

I'm an intuitive relationship coach and teacher who works with people like you who feel frustrated and unhappy.


They want to feel loved and have more happiness. I show them how to do the inner work to experience more trust and value in themselves so they can find love and happiness — in themselves and with others. 

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The Love and Happiness Course is for you if: 


  • You keep finding yourself at the bottom of a pint of ice cream, wondering how you got there

  • You’re in a marriage or partnership, considering a bigger commitment, and want to do some inner work before  making any changes

  • You’re ready to show up and do the inner work to strengthen your foundation

With The Love and Happiness Course, you will:

  • Get to know yourself on a more intimate level

  • Learn how your past relationships are contributing to how you show up in relationships today 

  • Discover your top strengths and how you can use these to find happiness

  • Investigate the characteristics of your partner(s) you were most attracted to and discover how these may have changed into personal pet peeves

  • Get clear on your values and what you stand for so you can live them

  • Have the confidence to be fully, authentically yourself — in every relationship

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Here’s what you’ll see inside The Love and Happiness Course:


6 Video Lessons


Bite-sized lessons so you can easily digest the information and put it to action right away.


Specific Tips from a Relationship Coach


You get the same tips that I share with my 1:1 and intensive clients. 


Worksheets To Support Your Inner Work


I’m only about homework when it serves a purpose, and your exercises will make you think and go deep. 


Lifetime Access -You’ll have access to the course videos and worksheets for as long as it exists.

Here’s what you’ll do each day inside the course.


Or, if you’re eager and have a spacious weekend, you can do all the course work and exercises in a focused few days.


Day 1 - The List

If you love lists, you’ll enjoy your homework on day 1. You’re going to list the character traits you want in your partner(s) and explore the connection to your happiness.


Day 2 - Initial Attraction

You’ll explore the specific qualities you’ve looked for in a partner over time. Those initial sparks have some key information hidden in them!


Day 3 - Early Experiences and Coping Skills

You’re going to dig back into your early relationships and discover how they’ve set you up for success or failure. Many of our memories are formed when we’re kids, so this is essential to moving forward. 


Day 4 - Digging Deeper

You’ll play investigator and dig into the values, beliefs, and rules you live by. You’ll uncover where you inherited these values and beliefs. 


Day 5 - Putting It All Together

You’ll be both unconsciously attracted to and challenged by certain traits. You’re going to connect the dots from your past and present through the work you’ve done in the past four days. You’re going to have some big insights!


Day 6 - Your True Nature

It’s action time! On Day 6, you’ll get clear on your personal purpose and start taking decisive action. 


You’ll only find fulfillment in relationships when you’re living your purpose, and this course will help get you there.



Sign up for Love and Happiness — How to Find Both, today and get instant access.


Investment: $297 (currently $50 off)


Click below to purchase. You'll get instant access to all 6 days of the course. 

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