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Relationship Revival

A Relationship Revival experience is for couples who feel like they’ve tried everything but still have sticking points.

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Your relationship has you feeling sad, angry, and hopeless. 


From the looks of the piles of relationship books on your nightstand: communicate better, spice up your sex life, forgive, and learn to love yourself and your partner again, you’d think you’d have it all figured out by now. 


You feel frustrated and defeated and are tired of being in pain — you just don’t know what to do next.

The weight of your relationship’s pain is almost too much to bear or you’ve been putting off therapy for years, one thing’s for sure — your relationship isn’t fixing itself. 

If your traumatic history is getting in the way of your relationship, you may benefit from an EMDR Trauma Clearing Intensive or Retreat. more info here

Whether you’re constantly nagging each other, tiptoeing around on eggshells, or afraid to open up and let your partner see what’s in your heart, you’re determined to make this work.

You’re feeling a strong pull in your heart to keep looking for light in the darkness.


You don’t know what else to try. All you know is you and your partner found each other for a reason. There has to be something there, right?

Holding Hands
It’s possible to experience love and light with your partner again. 

Imagine seeing your partner walk through the door and feeling butterflies again. 


You’re excited because you’re having calm discussions again and can navigate any conflict. You can connect and share what’s in your heart, feeling like you’ve rediscovered your best friend. 


Your trust in each other has deepened, and you feel closer than ever.


You’re happy when you’re together, and you both feel like better people with each other. And it’s not just your relationship with your best friend that feels easier; life, work, family — there’s more joy and fun in every aspect of your life.

You can find your way back to love, security, and to each other.

I’m excited to show you the path. 

The Relationship Revival is a short and powerful experience where you’ll learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict quickly, let go of emotional baggage that doesn’t serve you, and build a stronger future — together. 

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Hi, I'm Deanne 

I’m a trauma therapist and an intuitive relationship coach who works with couples who feel stuck, lost, or hopeless in their relationships. 


They want to feel closer, more support, and love.


I teach them how to do the inner work to experience connection, trust and security in their relationship so they can thrive together.

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The Relationship Revival is for you if: 

  • You’re in a marriage or partnership, considering marriage or moving in together, and wondering if your relationship will make it if you don’t make changes

  • You know you love each other and want to be together but can’t seem to work through some areas

  • You still appreciate aspects of each other, but an unresolved issue has shaken your foundation

  • BOTH of you are ready to show up and do the work to strengthen your partnership

  • The idea of escaping your day-to-day to focus on your relationship for a few days at a retreat feels like it will deliver more results than long-term therapy

  • You’ve tried cleaning up your communication or learning new tools, but you need personalized, high-impact direction, support, and strategies

    • Not for domestic violence, substance abuse, undisclosed affairs, or the presence of suicidality.

No more putting off fixing your relationship “someday.” It’s time to remember why you fell in love in the first place. 

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How it works:

First, You’ll each complete an assessment about two weeks before Day 1 of your Revival. Your answers will give me a clear picture of where you are in your relationship. Based on your responses, I'll walk you through some specific exercises and foundational knowledge to provide you with a head start. Investment: $850

During the half-day Assessment, we can determine the ongoing schedule that works best for you.


Same Week:

In office or virtual.

Day 1:  5 hours

Day 2: 4.5 hours

Day 3: 3.5 hours

Thursday to Monday

or Monday to Wednesday


One day per week for 3 weeks: In office or virtual.

Day 1:  5 hours

Day 2: 4.5 hours

Day 3: 3.5 hours


The Relationship Revival includes:

A Relationship Revival Designed for You:

We’ll create a revival experience that works best for you. You’ll choose from two options, or a customized plan, and we’ll book your dates.

Follow-Up Check-In:

Within two weeks of your last session, we’ll get on a 1-hour call to discuss what’s been working well, and troubleshoot any issues that popped up.

30 days of support:

Starting on the first day of your revival experience, you’ll have access to me over email or phone to discuss strategies or issues that pop up. You’ll get one email exchange per week or up to 30 minutes on a call. 

Finally! You’ll feel deeply loved, and trust that you’ve found someone who accepts you unconditionally.

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In-person: $3400 per couple

Virtual: $3200 per couple


Payment plan available:

Deposit of $1500 deposit to set your retreat date, $850 due 2 weeks prior, and remaining balance due 1 week prior.

Ready for your Relationship Revival?

Fantastic! I’m excited to show you the way. 


Click here and book your free 15-minute free consult. We’ll discuss your goals, and decide if the this format is a good fit for your situation.


If all three of us (you, your partner, and I) decide that this format is for you, we’ll schedule your assessment date, and you’ll get an email detailing what you’ll do in advance. If we’re meeting in person, you’ll get details on time, location, and food when we schedule.  


You’ll get specific practices to continue after each of our meetings, and then we’ll book your 1-hour follow-up session when you are done (this is included in your investment).

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