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Rediscover Your Passion +

Revive Your Relationship

It is possible to experience love and light with your partner again. After an initial assessment, you'll have the choice of a Relationship Revival, Transformation Intensive, or just pay as you go 2.5 hour sessions. 

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You’re not sure where to turn, but you know it’s time to do something to fix your broken relationship.


From the stacks of self-help books on your nightstand and bookmarked articles, you’d think you’d have your relationship all figured out by now — but you don’t. 


Whether you’re sick of feeling like roommates, like two strangers living separate lives under one roof, or you’re tired and worn out from constant fighting, you know one thing’s for sure...


Your relationship needs help — fast. 

Who I work with

Clients hire me when they’re in a marriage or partnership, considering marriage or moving in together, and wondering if their relationship will make it without outside support.

When they come to me, they’re usually feeling a lot of fear, hurt, and anger.

They still love each other and want to be together but can’t seem to work through some areas — it’s usually the same stuff that keeps creeping up.

Some clients come to me because one or both of them feels hopeless after infidelity or another betrayal such as gambling or deceit. There’s frequently been an event that dissolved trust. These partners come to me with walls built 10-feet high.


Clients often tell me they’ve lost connection with one another, and they feel like they’re living parallel lives — like roommates who co-exist under the same roof.

If your traumatic history is getting in the way of your relationship, you may benefit from an EMDR Trauma Clearing Intensive or Retreat. more info here

With over 20 years experience, I've seen it all — from co-occuring mental health disorders to partners who sign up for coaching to go through the motions. Clients tell me I can detect underlying issues and sabotage like a drug-sniffing dog. I dig deep to flesh out the issue and make changes where they’ll matter most.


Most clients have read many self-help books and tried other relationship fixes, but nothing seems to last. They crave personalized, high-impact direction, support, and strategies.

What we do together

Working with me is for couples who are both ready to show up and do the work to strengthen their partnership.

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First, we get you off the hamster wheel with a thorough assessment to understand exactly what will repair your relationship. This session will end with you having some immediate action steps. 


A relationship revival experience or a 5-10 day intensive isn’t a passive event. I challenge every client, step-by-step, to get to the root of the problem and help them have more productive interactions. I’ve discovered that for some clients, the work goes beyond clearing out a backlog of hurt between you, it may require you to rebuild your foundation from within.

Working with me is different than working with other coaches. I have a wide range of tools, and take an intuitive approach. Through many years of experience, I have an innate knowledge of what's going on beneath the surface. I will prompt you to go deeper, and exploring uncommon ideas. 


I show clients new tools to teach them how to communicate with empathy, truly listen, and work through the tough stuff, so that ultimately, they find their way back to love, security, and each other.

There are two main ways we can work together


A private intensive for couples on the brink of separation.


This 5-10 day intensive is for significant intervention, laser-focused guidance, and support to break through old patterns, reconnect, and rebuild positive communication.


A relationship revival is for couples who feel like they’ve tried everything and still have sticking points.


This 3-day relationship revival is a short and powerful experience where you’ll learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict quickly, let go of emotional baggage that doesn’t serve you, and build a stronger future. 

Not sure what you need?

Laser coaching could be your best option.

No time to mess around? Book a 90-minute, laser-focused coaching session. You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish in just 90 minutes. Some ideas are:

  • Discover quick communication strategies

  • Find solutions to simple relationship grievances 

  • Learn how to apologize and move on

  • Get clarity on a specific issue you want to talk with your partner about

  • Brainstorm how to stop nagging and start inspiring your partner

  • Learn tools to understand each other better and stop taking things so personal

  • Get more connected with simple strategies that you can implement in minutes

  • You want to explore questions like: “Is this healthy?” or “How do you know it’s over?” 

Includes an optional brief assessment, feedback, and a 30-minute follow-up call to check-in and make tweaks.

black couple comforting each other


Great! When you click the button to book your Laser Coaching session below, you’ll answer some questions giving me a snapshot into your relationship. Next, you’ll receive an email for scheduling and assessment. 


Book your 90-minute coaching session. 


Investment: $500 

90-minute video call + 30-minute follow-up.

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