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Self Paced Learning


Love and Happiness – How to Find Both

A self-paced, 6-day, online course for people struggling to find — or stay in love.

With The Love and Happiness Course, you will:

  • Get to know yourself on a more intimate level

  • Learn how your past relationships are contributing to how you show up in relationships today 

  • Discover your top strengths and how you can use these to find happiness

  • Investigate the characteristics of your partner(s) you were most attracted to and discover how these may have changed into personal pet peeves

  • Get clear on your values and what you stand for so you can live them

  • Have the confidence to be fully, authentically yourself — in every relationship

Find the Calm in the Chaos.jpg

Find Calm in the Chaos

Foundational Practice for Preventing and Managing Stress

This course includes foundational practices for you to:

  • Prevent getting drained or mindlessly triggered

  • Have more mental agility and tolerance for daily challenges

  • Maintain your brain reserve 

  • Deepen your ability to hold space for discomfort

  • Have more opportunity to experience solutions

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