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June 5, 2020

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Repeat or Evolve

Welcome to Revive-Your-Relationship.

I understand that relationship challenges are unique and complex.

My clients often feel hopeless, stuck, frustrated, or exhausted  Boundaries are often unclear. Communication is tricky. 

Knowing how to get needs met without being needy or aggressive can be a mystery at home and at work.

That's why I provide transformational coaching for individuals and all types of relationships.

-If you’re feeling unfulfilled or stuck, I’ll show you how to move forward mindfully to co-create an authentic, loving, respectful relationship. 

-Need to negotiate with your neighbor, I'll teach you strategies for a win-win. 

-Are you in high conflict with a partner or a co-worker? I'll help you stand in your power, maintain your clarity, and align with the healthiest outcome for you.

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Experienced Relationship Coach

Since 1996, as a Nationally Certified Counselor and coach, I've helped people connect through conflict, go from surviving to thriving, and from hateful to healing.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by relationship roadblocks, struggling with feeling misunderstood, lonely, and frustrated about issues such as trust, repeated conflict, and communication breakdown, I teach techniques to get out of those ruts. 

As individuals, we are programmed to bond with others. We crave connection.

Yet,there’s no instruction manual tailored to you to help you navigate relationships.

In your early life, you watched others and took your best guess at the unspoken rules of how to seek comfort, speak up for your wants and needs, and protect yourselves from being abandoned or rejected. You might have learned that relationships can feel smothering and you want to maintain your independence. Perhaps you always felt alone and want to know how to choose someone who is trustworthy and you can count on. Maybe you were told you are too needy, too distant, over sensitive, or selfish. It can be confusing to discern how much of that is true, and what’s emotional blackmail from someone who didn’t learn how to be healthy in relationships.

It’s easy to get caught in explaining, defending, and game playing. When you take charge and acknowledge self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that cause distractions from you being your best self in relationships, you can learn the skills you need to create a fulfilling relationship. 

With couples, people often come to relationship coaching with lots of fear and anger. It is difficult, at that time, to see how it can get better or what relationship patterns you are following. We will work step by step to improve communication, respect, and personal responsibility so you may experience more rewarding relationships.

I am available to identify specific relationship saving goals and objectives, strategies to move beyond ineffective and harmful ways of reacting to your partner, and strengthen your ability to be trustworthy, vulnerable, clear, assertive, and present for a deeply fulfilling relationship.

If you are ready to revive-your-relationship, sign up below to get started.

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